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The Rainbow Cloth Hanger – Hippie Monkey

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The Rainbow Cloth Hanger  – Hippie Monkey

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The Rainbow Cloth Hanger is the perfect wall decoration for your nursery. It is a cute bohemian must have that will surprise your kids. It is playful and natural, that makes it good to combine with every color in the room. You can combine it perfectly with the rattan clothes hangers, so you can hang the cute clothes for the next day on the hanger. But this hand made cloth hanger will also look perfect in a bohemian hall way. 

Size 60x45 cm 
Color Natural. See images for the colors. 
Rattan. This is natural material and that means that every product is 100% unique. Keep in mind that this means that there can be small differences between every product. 
Hand Made This product is made by hand, that means every product is 100% unique. Keep in mind that this means that there can be small differences between every product. 
Inside Because it is made from natural material we only recommend to use it inside, in a dry environment. 
EAN 8720828485330

Get to know the brand: Hippie Monkey

Hippie monkey is a brand with love for unique craftmenship. The combination of natural materials and the love of the people who make it, makes unique and one of a kind products that give an inmediate bohemian vibe to every room in your house. Hippie Monkey wants to share these beautiful interior creations with the rest of the world and make every home feels like a day in paradise. 

Loving the collection and wanting to see more? That is possible! Click here for the full collection or go to our Instagram to get inspired! We are looking forward to see which interior items will give your home the paradise feeling. 

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The products are hand made, so every product is 100% unique. Regarding to this, there can be small differences in every product.

Hand made with love!
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