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Hippie Monkey embodies a fusion of passion for interior design with our Indonesian heritage. Originating as a means to showcase Indonesia's stunning beauty globally, it has evolved into a thriving wholesale concept. Our goal? To share the allure of our island treasures with retailers worldwide and make an impact with every product we produce.

Specializing in bohemian chic interiors, Hippie Monkey collaborates closely with resellers to infuse homes with an authentic island vibe. Our production centers in Indonesia, complemented by a flagship store in The Netherlands and a robust online wholesale platform, strive to bring a touch of paradise to every interior.

Our dedicated team crafts, curates, and ships our exclusive collection. All the way from Bali to The Netherlands. Highlighting Indonesia's vibrant culture. From Balinese artisans pouring love into each creation to our passionate Netherlands-based team, our shared devotion ensures that every product is worth to shine.

Looking for bohemian chic interiors rooted in Indonesian culture? Hippie Monkey delivers a piece of paradise to your doorstep.

how his journey started

De Oorsprong

Hippie Monkey's origins lie in a heartfelt to promote the Indonesian culture. With our Founder's unique heritage—being half Dutch and half Indonesian—living in The Netherlands never meant losing touch with her Indonesian roots. Her connection led her on personal journey.

As a student, she received a prestigious scholarship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia. This opportunity took her all the way to Surakarta (Java, Indonesia), where she became a true part of the Indonesian culture. The primary aim was to share Indonesia's vibrant culture globally.

Her realization that Indonesia had so much more to offer was a big moment. That was the moment she envisioned a way to blend her passion for interior design with her Indonesian roots. And after years of creating and brewing on a mission, Hippie Monkey was born, celebrating the marriage of Indonesian artistry with global interior aesthetics.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Meer dan alleen een product...

Wees Bewust

Crafting our collection isn't just about creating great products; it's about uplifting lives and preserving our planet. With every order, Hippie Monkey plays a role in boosting the Indonesian economy. Families behind these products make each piece with love and craftsmanship, this makes every product unique. This is why we hold deep respect for each product and ensure they all receive fair pricing .

But our impact goes beyond economics. Local families are the heart of our production. By providing fair prices, we offer them stable livelihoods, sustaining not just themselves but a lot of times their entire families. This support extends to their children being able to attend school, paving the way for a brighter future.

Choosing our products isn't just a purchase; it's an opportunity to make a difference. Behind each item lies a powerful story of livelihoods supported, families nurtured, and futures shaped positively. Your support empowers these communities, creating a ripple effect of progress and much more...

De volgende generatie

Onze Planeet

At Hippie Monkey we believe in perserving our planet and that is why we choose to use Indonesian Certified Legal Wood . This certification assures not only the legality but also the sustainability of the wood used in our products and furniture. By sourcing wood from certified sources, we actively avoid contributing to deforestation or illegal logging practices, safeguarding the tropical forest of our planet.

Choosing Hippie Monkey isn't just about acquiring beautiful pieces for your home; it's a conscious choice. Each purchase becomes a step towards sustainable living and preserving our planet's natural beauty for generations to come."


Onze Winkels

We sell wholesale to different kinds of partners in the interior business. Like retail stores, interior stylists, hotels, restaurants and many more.

Our partners can shop our collection in our online wholesale store, but they can also find us in one of our brand stores. Like the one at TICA, near Amsterdam (The Netherlands). In our showroom you can take a look at our collection and shop by cash & carry. If you have specific questions about a product you can always contact us by email. Our team will assist you as soon as possible!